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  Biodata Online helps you hire the best people

who fit, who perform, and who stay!


2 new assessments for Customer Service jobs
and Convenience Store workers.
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We also provide custom-developed, validated, web-based employee selection assessments using biographical predictors of job success.  

Biodata predictors are considered by many industrial psychologists to be among the best selection tools available. They have a long track record of success in:     

  • Hiring Better Employees

  • Reducing Turnover

  • Reducing Costs of Recruitment and Selection

Biodata assessments are uniquely valuable in an age where the web is the first place job candidates look because they:

  • go beneath the surface to measure attributes that really drive success on the job  

  • are scientifically validated and proven to deliver bottom line benefits

  • work in many different jobs and many countries

  • are nondiscriminatory and fair to all applicants

  • are cost effectively and securely delivered over the web  

  • are easily integrated with a job application for quick sorting through to identify the best candidates for next steps

  • provide fast results directly into applicant tracking systems like Recruitsoft, Resumix, and others 


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